November 16th City Council Meeting Minutes

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Unfinished Business

–Consider appeal of HCSPCA from requirement of sidewalks by the P&Z Commission resulting from site plan review. Promissory note in lieu of escrow.

passed 5-0

–Consider request from AACOG Alamo Regional Transit (AR) to provide transit service on Main St. To start in December 2009, Saturdays only, one bus.

passed 5-0

–Consider proposal from Randy Rupley for Ft. Martin Scott

New Business

–Consider appointments to Gillespie County Health Board. Cynthia England, Homer Pugh, Stanley Iwaniki

– Discuss and consider Sub-Regional Planning Commission

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  1. Tom Avant says:

    Tom, what is Ft. Martin Scott?


  2. found your page on google and was just what i was looking for, keep it up :-)

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